Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Radio Reel

My radio work consists of news and current affairs. I co-produce, panel and present the Wednesday breakfast program on 3CR Community Radio. Below is an hour-long 3CR show reel from September 2013 featuring my panelling. I also produced and presented all four of the interviews:

In the above demo, the songs were edited. For an unedited podcast of this week’s 90 min 3CR program, please listen to: http://www.3cr.org.au/wednesday-breakfast

Additionally, I have been a weekly newsreader for another community radio station, JOY 94.9, since September 2011.

Here is the link to a three-minute feature demo I made as part of my Journalism degree at the University of Melbourne:

For an example of my video/multimedia work, please see:

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